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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your TPMS is central to your safety on the road. Valley Performance provides a free TPMS check up service to make sure your TPMS is communicating properly with your tires and you are instantly alerted to any issues

Tire Balancing



We often see customers who are a little overwhelmed by the whole tire buying process. There are so many types of tires for different vehicles and different driving styles.  And living  in the Kootenays compounds our needs for seasonal tires.   Our road conditions between spring and winter demand that we have a good set of tires on at all times.   

Then there is the cost ? Tires come in all at different price points. What one is right for you ? Here are a few things every driver needs to know about tires:

 A tire is constructed from the inside out, starting at the inner liner. There are 20 to 25 different components in every tire; fabric belts are wrapped around the inner liner, with steel belts, more fabric belts and other materials layered between the tread surface and the inner liner. These layers provide strength, noise suppression and ride quality.

Confused yet? Let  us take the guess work and the stress out of your next  tire purchase.   

Regularly rotating your tires results in better gas mileage, an all-around smoother ride, longer tread life and more! Let Valley Performance help your tires last longer!

Tire Rotation

Whether your flat is the result of a leaky valve stem, puncture or slow leak, Valley Performance has the services and products you need to get safely on the road again

Balancing your tires enables you to drive safer while enjoying better fuel economy and reduced tire wear. Valley Performances tire balancing service is designed to protect your tire investment.

Let Us Take the Guess Work Out Of Your Next Tire Purchase.


Maximize the life of your tires by keeping your vehicle in proper alignment. Valley Performance offers comprehensive wheel alignment service options

Flat Tire Repair